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Horseback Riding

Min 6 Max 10
(seasonal, need waivers)
Temporary Special Offer

Come and experience the beautiful hills of Water Valley, roam through open fields and navigate your way through streams and trees. With trails for both the beginner and advanced rider and over 300 acres of land to ride, the beauty of it all will forever catch your spirit.

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NEW! Bubble Soccer

No Min No Max

10 bubbles for 1.5 hours, only $200. 

Bump your friends around in our zorbing balls at the most affordable rate in Alberta!


High Ropes Challenge Course

Min 8 Max 16
​Please contact the office for pricing.

Looking for a little adrenalin while you're at camp? Then our high ropes challenge course is for you! Leap from a telephone pole, traverse across a rickety bridge, or test your physical strength and stamina on our 50-foot vertical playground! Use the support and encouragement from your group members to challenge your abilities and conquer your fears!

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Ready… Aim… FIRE! You’ll love using our compound bows to send arrows whizzing through the air! No matter what your skill level is, enjoy the safety of practicing your bow skills in our secluded archery range, tucked away in the woods.

Min 8 Max 12

​Please contact the office for pricing.


Check out our new slingshot range down past the cabin area. Shoot tin cans, bottles, a kitchen sink and other targets. 

Min 8 Max 16
Please contact the office for pricing.


This activity is designed to introduce anyone with little or no experience in orienteering to the basic rules and techniques in a low key and fun atmosphere. Our instructors will teach you the basics of orienteering and how to use a compass to navigate through our 15 station orienteering course nestled in the woods. See if you have the compass skills to complete the course in the time allotted.    

Min 8 Max 16

Wall Climbing

Min 8 Max 12
​(needs waivers)
​Please contact the office for pricing

Take on the challenge of our indoor climbing wall. This skill will test your strength and grip as you try to reach the summit.


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Slip N Slide

Have heaps of fun sliding down one of Alberta’s longest slip N slides! Our 300-foot slide will get your heart pumping and your body moving! This is an activity you won’t want to pass up!

​​No Min No Max

Paracord BraceletS

Paracord is a lightweight nylon kermantle rope originally used in the suspension lines of parachutes. Choose from our selection of a number of different colours of rope, and we’ll teach you how to make a fashionable paracord bracelet with a buckle that, when unraveled, gives you 8 feet of rope and holds 550lbs! Great survival bracelet.

Min 8 Max 16

Tie-dye T-Shirts

The fad that never ends. Tie-dye your own River's Edge T-shirt taking you back to the 70's.

Min 8 Max 24

Guided Hike

Enjoy a guided hike through the dense forest and diverse terrain enjoying the tranquil sounds of nature. Put on your hiking shoes, pack a water bottle and we will take you on a trail.

Min 8 Max 16

Initiative Games

Initiative games are designed to stress the importance of working together. We’ll take you through a series of team building games that will test your communication and problem solving skills.        

Min 8 Max 16


Fit up to 40 people in our RECA Ball pit and let the continuous game of RECA Ball begin. Get hit below the knees and jump out of the pit until the next game starts. No matter what your skill level, you'll enjoy endless fun in our NEW RECA Ball pit.

Gym Games

A self-led activity.
Floor Hockey

Field Games

Self-led/Staff led if required
Enjoy our open playing  field with a spectacular mountain view  for soccer, bucketball, armagedon, epidemic, red rover, etc. 



Min 8 Max 16

This activity allows you to bring out your creative talents as you paint your own souvenir of camp. From small ornaments to large figurines, all in a variety of designs, you will be sure to find something you like.

(shoes provided)

Min 8 Max 12

Strap on a pair of snowshoes and enjoy a slip-free hike! One more thing to cross off the bucket list!